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  • Course Outline

    Course content will include:

    • Comprehensive instruction in the use of the Canon Rebel dSLR
    • The essential elements of good visual storytelling
    • How to research, analyze and critque photography
    • How to photograph the single-image news and featured subjects
    • Intermediate/advanced use of post-production software including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, us Powerpoint and keynote when creating a presentation
    • Tools and standards for building a professional portfolio and presenting visual work online.
    • Jounalism

    Photo equipment requirements: Students should rent cameras and other materials from the school and have to obtain Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 for editing on their personal computers.

                          and Pacing Guide


    Unit 1 – Learning Photoshop

    • Tools
    • Effects
    • Color variations
    • Using given or reproduced photographs to work with.


    Unit 2 – Landscape Photography

    • Project 1
    • Series of photos
    • Enhancements


    Unit 3 – Word Photography

    • Using one word inspiration
    • Photographs telling a story
    • Titling


    Unit 4 – Studio Photography

    • Lighting
    • Posing
    • People Photographs
    • Enhancement