•                       SkillsUSA  CLUB  

    An organization for students who are enrolled in Building Trades, Electricity, Cosmetology,Any C.T.E Student taking a course. Some of the goals of the organization are to:

    1. Provide opportunities for service to industrial technical students.

    2. Foster respect for work in various industries.

    3. Provide a contemporary tool for learning and teaching.

    4. Develop a respect for our nation's technological advances.

    5. Help students in competitions and help prepare them for their American degree.

    The SkillsUSA club consists of the following areas here at Southampton High School:

    1. Cosmetology - Mrs. R. Yeary

    2. Building Trades - Mr. T. Hagans

    3. Mixed Training- Mrs. R. Yeary

    Southampton High School SkillsUSA strives to prepare students enrolled in Career and Technical Education programs for successful transition to Virginia's communities and work force through a balanced combination of employability, leadership, and academic skills.

     Through club activities which are planned, initiated, and conducted by members, the organization promotes social and leadership skills, as well as pride and personal workmanship.

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