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  • Course Outline

                          and Pacing Guide


    I.                    Basics of Design

    a.       Basic Elements

    b.      Color Wheel

    c.       Principles of Art

    II.                 Basics of Logos and Advertisements

    a.        Types of logos

    b.      Corporate/commercial design

    c.       Steps in creating representational logo

    III.               Basics of Illustrator

    a.       Creating documents

    b.      Creating basic shapes

    c.       Text

    d.      Tools

    e.       Vector image

    IV.              Graphing and Size

    a.       Ideas onto paper

    b.      Using graph paper

    c.       Sketch

    V.                 Pen and Ink Technique

    VI.              Logo Sheet

    a.       Creating and representing you logo

    b.      Scale

    VII.            Project 1

    a.       Personal Name/ Initials logo

                                                                   i.      Create three logos with b/w, color, logo sheet

    VIII.         Learn Illustrator Advanced

    a.       Create digital version of logo

    IX.              Project 2

    a.       Advertisement

                                                                   i.      Magazine Ad

                                                                 ii.      Logo Incorporated

                                                                iii.      Present Advertisement

    X.                 Research Paper

    a.       Push Pin Studios

    XI.              Project 3

    a.       Illustration

                                                                   i.      Drawing/Design turned Digital

    XII.            Project 4 – Final Project

    a.       Company

                                                                   i.      Corporate logo & Advertisement

                                                                 ii.      Packaging

                                                                iii.      Presentation