• Abdo Digital Bookshelf


    New e-books!

    We have received free access to 30 e-books through ABDO Digital.  They are located at http://my.abdodigital.com/login/ and can be accessed from any device at school or home.  See me for the username and password.  The titles are: 

    YouTube; the company and its founders

    Randolph Caldecott; renowned British illustrator

    Lady Gaga; pop singer & songwriter


    The capture and killing of Osama bin Laden

    Illegal immigration

    Living with ADHD

    How to analyze the films of George Lucas

    The Bermuda Triangle


    Civil War leaders

    Ebola outbreak

    Edward Snowden; NSA whistle blower 

    Energy technology

    How the light bulb changed history

    The Kennedys

    Man out of time, part 3

    Minnesota Vikings

    Online identity

    Women in business

    Battles of World War I

    The Becoming #1

    Bringing Back Our Oceans

    Civil Rights Sit-Ins

    Class Mobility

    Drake:  Hip-Hop Superstar

    Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls

    Oklahoma State Cowboys


    The USS Arizona Story