• Genetics Key Concepts

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    DNA is a double helix molecule.
    • DNA is a molecule that includes different components - sugars, nitrogenous bases, and phosphates. The arrangement of the nitrogenous bases within the double helix forms a chemical code.

    Chromosomes are strands of tightly wound DNA. Genes are sections of a chromosome that carry the code for a particular trait.
    • The basic laws of Mendelian genetics explain the transmission of most traits that can be inherited from generation to generation.

    Traits that are expressed through genes can be inherited. Characteristics that are acquired through environmental influences, such as injuries or practiced skills, cannot be inherited.

    • In genetic engineering, the genetic code is manipulated to obtain a desired product.

    Genetic engineering has numerous practical applications in medicine, agriculture, and biology.

    • A series of contributions and discoveries led to the current level of genetic science.