•  Mrs. Peace
       8th Grade
       Reading/Language Arts
    Welcome to my homepage! 

    *  To see what is happening each day in class, check out What's Happening? Here you can see homework assignments, classroom activities, and important test, quiz, and due dates.  To access attachments that are available or to see detailed information about that day's activity, please click on the assignment title in the calender.

    *  To see the list of suppiles, classroom expectations, and my guidelines for success, click on the Syllabus link.

    ** Each night, students are expected to read 20+ pages from their AR book.  Additional Homework assignments will be listed on the What's Happening? calender.

    In my room…

    students will be given expectations,


    and fun ways to learn…

    But mostly, they’ll be

    given a loving environment

    to succeed in!