• Academic success can not be achieved without hard work. It is essential that your child study nightly. Your child will have study foldables to help with this process. Please insure that you child is engaged in study at least 10 minutes each night . Participate by making up games to study vocabulary and essential knowledge. Set goals and rewards.  It is only on ocassion that your child will have written math homework.  After a full day at school, I feel that kids need time to do things for enjoyment and for family bonding at home.  This is why I really need your help by mandating ten minutes a night to math review and study. Your child would benefit tremendously.

    Encourage your child to pay attention, participate, complete class assignments, and give 100% effort during math class.

    Your efforts at home,  my committment to academic excellence, and your child's effort to do his/her very best will guarantee success. 

    Thank you for your continued support.