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    Riverdale Elementary PTA 

    President:                           Jessica Xinos (jessicalxinos@yahoo.com)

    Vice President:                 Dorothy Moore (dorothy_burgess@chs.net)

    Secretary:                           Candy Early (candyearly84@live.com)

    Treasurer:                           Missy Blythe (melisa.blythe@gmail.com)

    PTA Meeting 3rd Tuesday of the Month


    Stephanny Howell (showell@meherrinag.com)

    Box Tops

    (Need Committee Chairperson)

    Campbell’s Soup Labels

    Casie Pulley (cjpulley@hotmail.com)

    Farm Fresh Receipts

    Fran Duke (mfduke@charter.net)

    Ink Cartridges

    (Need Committee Chairperson)

    DQ Family Night

    Shannon Snyder (shannonsnyder5@netscape.net)


    Jeneen Dimick (jeneendimick@yahoo.com)


    Kim Flythe (flytheboys@verizon.net)-- Melanie Cross (mcross@courts.state.va.us)

    Room Parents/Spelling Bee

    Nikki Outlaw (n24.7heaven@gmail.com)

    Field Day

    Cecil Edwards (openfrett@aol.com)

    Hospitality and Staff Appreciation

    Holly Fowler (hollyfowler@charter.net)

    Accelerated Reader.

    Vicki Felts (feltsfam54@gmail.com)-- Ashley Yeary (axinosyeary@yahoo.com)

    Spirit Wear

    Jamie McFarland (ovgurl@gmail.com)

    Basketball Game

    Keisha and Alger Nichols (knichols@pdc.edu/anichols@southampton.k12.va.us)

    Winter Carnival

    Stephanie and Billy Duke (3dukes@verizon.net)

    4th and 5th Grade Dance

    Fran Duke (mfduke@charter.net)

    5th Grade Celebration

    Vicki Felts (feltsfam54@gmail.com)-- Genny Watson (vbwatson73@yahoo.com)