• This Week’s News


    Classroom Work:


    Biography:Dr. Seuss

    Poetry: Two Poems from Dr. Seuss

    Phonics skills: Review words with Short e Clusters with s

    Comprehesnsion: Text and Graphic Features

    High Frequency Words; after draw pictures read was write

    Writing /Grammar:  Write To Describe :description /Singularband Plural Nouns

    Focus Trait: Word Choice

    Journal Writing

    Math- SOL 1.5 Subtracting by counting back and number line

    Science/Social Studies SOL 1.6-Sun Moon and stars


    Monday-Library Please be sure your child read their book and return it. Tuesday- P.E.-Please wear tennis shoes Wed.-Library Thurs. –Music Fri. NO Resource



    *Read 15 to 20 minutes each night


    ___HFW Sheet, Activity 1:Read High Frequency Words ( This sheet should stay in your folder. It will be checked each day. Complete only the assigned activity each night. It is important that high frequency words are practiced each night.)

    ___ Word Study (Cut, Sort and Say)


    ___HFW Sheet, Activity 2: Write HFW 3 times each

    ___ Re-read Dr.Seuss

    ___Word Study (Choose 4 words and write good sentences with them in your Word Study Notebook.)


    ___HFW Sheet, Activity 3:Fill in the Blank (Please return them tomorrow)

    ___Word Study (Complete 1 activity on list stapled inside of Word Study Notebook


    ___ Say and Spell High Frequency Words

    ___Reread Dr,Seuss (Assessment Tomorrow)

    ___Word Study (Sort , Say and Spell) (Assessment tomorrow)