• Welcome to Ms. McGowan's

    4th Grade Social Studies Class!

  • Here is a look at what we will be studying in the coming weeks: 

    Sep 11-15 Relative Location and Borders

    Sep 18 - 22 Bordering States and Virginia's Regions 

    Sep 25 - 29 Virginia's Regions and Quiz #1

    Oct 2 - 6  Virginia's Regions and Waterways

    Oct 9 - 13 Virginia's Waterways and Unit Test

  • Current Character Focus:  Respect

  • Connect with Me!!

    I use classdojo to stay connected with parents and guardians.  If you are connected, you will get updated information about the content we are covering in class, photos of students in action, homework, Social Studies tests and quizzes, and Word Study (Spelling) tests and quizzes.  It is also the fastest way to contact me should you have any questions or concerns about your student or curriculum content.  I usually will contact you back within 24 hours.  It can also be used to contact me after hours if need be.  If you need a password to access your student's information, please contact me using the contact form  or call (757) 562-3007.  

  • Quiz Information

    On weeks we have a quiz, I will send home a homework worksheet two days before the quiz.  This will serve as a guide to help your student study for the upcoming quiz.  We will go over this worksheet on the day before the quiz during class to ensure that your student has all the correct information to study for the quiz.  

    Since I may not always have the opportunity to provide a retest, it is very important that you encourage your student to study and do his/her best each time.  This year's Social Studies curriculum lends itself to a great deal of memorization.  The more you work with your student on remembering and applying key information, the more likely he/she will do well.  You can help your student be successful on his/her tests by quizzing him/her on the information found on the corrected homework worksheet he/she brings home.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (757) 562-3007.