• Discipline Rules


    1.  Be Safe

          -Keep hands feet and other objects to yourself

         - Walk to destination


    2.  Be Responsible

         -Follow directions the first time that they are given

         -Stay at your desk or assigned work area unless otherwise directed

         -Bring all necessary materials to class

         -Respect the property of others

         -Do not leave out of the classroom or line without permission

         - No talking in hallway

          - Use time wisely

    3.  Be Respectful

         - Be considerate of the property and feelings of others

         - Use good manners

         - No talking in hallway

         - Cooperate with everyone

         - Absolutely no bullying




    Discipline Consequences/ Plan of Action


     ( **  if there are continuous  behavior issues, the parent will be notified by note home or a phone call .  On ocassion the student will be immediately referred to the Principal for intervention)



    *  Our posted classroom consequences are as follows...

       1st Time-- warning

       2nd Time--begin to track

       Third Time-- teacher/student expectation conference--

       Fourth Time-- contact parent

       Fifth Time-- severe/ principal