• Your child's primary assignment is to study. Your child will have study guides (foldables),a multiplication lap book, and his/her interactive notebooks.  These study tools contain essential rules and procedures your child should be studying every night. I require that your child study for a minimum time of ten minutes per night. Help your child study by calling questions from the study tools.  Become inventive and make up a game.  Give rewards for correct answers. With your help, there is no doubt that your child will be academically successful.

    Studying nightly is mandatory!

    ( Additional Suggested Areas of Study as followed...) 

    Math - study basic multiplication and facts

           - explore addition strategies-- make 10, fact families, doubles plus one, count                                                     on, number line, 100 board

          - make up addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Solve.

                                           Estimate to solve.

          - study key words use to determine operation when solving word problems

          - create word problems of your own, highlight key words, solve 

           -  always study any rules/ procedures and study guides that have been given in               class




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