•  Prom Committee

    At SHS, the tradition is for the junior class to sponsor the prom for the senior class. Juniors and Seniors and their dates are elligible to attend the prom. The faculty prom director and junior class sponsors are Mrs. D. Holt and Mrs. D. Key.

    The purpose of the prom committee is to plan and decorate for the prom. A prom committee has been selected from elligible students who turned in a valid prom committee application. Elligible students are juniors with a C average or better and who demonstrate good citizenship. Demonstration of good citizenship includes not owing a school debt and not having been suspended.

    Once selected, the prom committe members are obligated to attend prom committee meetings to help plan the prom AND stay after school to work at least 2 hours during the 2 weeks prior to the prom AND until all decorating is done the night before the prom.

    Prom Committee meets during activity period in the Wigwam. Junior class officers are the leaders of the prom committee.