• Earth Science
    Instructor: Mr. Overstreet
    Course Title: Earth Science
    Contact: Phone# 653-2751 or woverstreet@southampton.k12.va.us,
    Course Description:
    The Earth Science standards connect the study of the Earth’s composition, structure, processes, and history; its atmosphere, fresh water, and oceans; and its environment in space. The standards emphasize historical contributions in the development of scientific thought about the Earth and space. They stress; the interpretation of maps, charts, tables, and profiles; the use of technology to collect, analyze, and report data; and the utilization of science skills in systematic investigation. Problem solving and decision making are an integral part of the standards, especially as they relate to the costs and benefits of utilizing the Earth’s resources. Major topics of study include plate tectonics, the rock cycle, Earth history, the oceans, the atmosphere, weather and climate, and the solar system and universe.
    Prerequisite Courses: None
    Textbook: Holt McDougal Earth Science Book
    SOL/Course Objectives:
    Materials Needed:
    3 ring binder
    Notebook paper
    Something to write with

    Attendance Policy:

    Students must keep track of days absent, 9 days excused or unexcused absences without a doctor’s note means the student receives no credit for the class. Any student that is not in their seat when the tardy bell rings will be counted tardy. Any combination of 3 tardies and/or early dismissals (except doctor or school approved) equals one absence.

    Grading/Evaluation Process:

    The student will be expected to keep notes, questions, and reflections in a notebook. This notebook will be graded periodically. Labs, discussion, and daily work will be used throughout the semester and graded for understanding of each strand of the SOLs. Quizzes will be given daily within each SOL and used to determine level of understanding for specific subjects. Tests will be given at the end of each SOL to determine level of understanding of the broad topics.

    Grading Scale:

    A 90-100, B 80-89, C 70-79, D 60-69, F59-below

    Grade Weighting:

    Daily 30%, Test 35%, Quiz 20%, Lab 10%, Notebook 5%.

    Classroom Expectations:

    Teaching methods will include lecture, lab, group discussion, questions and answer sessions, internet activities, and co-operative learning activities. Expectations include:

    All work begun in class is counted as Daily work. At times work may be completed at home but will still count as daily.
    Before the bell rings, students will have a seat and begin working on the daily quiz. You are to be in your seat when the bell rings to avoid being tardy.
    All work will be turned into the tray marked with the appropriate class period.
    Restroom passes will be limited. Students will be able to use the restroom during transition periods and independent work
    While I am giving notes, leading discussions, you are to remain seated. Please raise your hand and ask if you need to get up for any reason.
    Students will eat in the commons only
    Student must have a pass before being allowed to leave the classroom.
    Students will not be allowed to go to another teacher’s room, guidance, or office without a note.

    As a student in this course you are expected to complete your assignments in a timely manner, act in a professional manner, and of course learn. Your participation in the class is essential to your learning. This class is designed to provide the structure and support necessary to encourage independent and self-directed learning. Lecture will provide a base and then be added to by discussion, videos, labs, and worksheets. As a teacher, I am here to be a resource in your learning. If you need extra help during the course, I will be here in the mornings and I have planning 4th block. Please make an appointment to see me about the additional help.

    Class Rules/Regulations:

    Follow all instructions given by the teacher.
    Bring all necessary materials to class daily
    Be in your seat and prepared to work when the bell rings.
    Use appropriate tone and language with other students and teachers
    Remain seated unless told to do otherwise
    Stay on task and complete your own work
    All students are also responsible for adhering to all rules and regulations in the student handbook.

    Make-up Work:

    It is your responsibility to ask for makeup work. Most makeup work is due within a day of your absence or when agreed upon by the teacher. Any work not turned in by the assigned date will receive a 10 point deduction.

    Club Information:

    Any student interested in the Science club, please see Mr. Lilley for information.


    If you need to talk with me at times other that the scheduled parent conference times please call the school at 653-2751 and leave a message for me.  I will return your call as soon as possible. You may also E-mail me at woverstreet@southampton.k12.va.us.

    Earth Science Course Outline

    Week 1                                                                        E.S. 2 Scientific Investigation and Maps

    Week 2                                                                        E.S. 1 Density

    Week 3                                                                        E.S. 3 Earth, Moon, Solar System

    Week 4                                                                        E.S. 13 Stars

    Week 5                                                                        E.S. 4 Minerals and exam review

    Week 6                                                                        E.S. 5 Rocks

    Week 7                                                                        E.S. 6 Renewable/Nonrenewable resources

    Week 8                                                                        E.S. 7 Plate tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanoes

    Week 9                                                                        Review

     Mid-Term Exam                                                                    

    Week 10                                                                      E. S. 8 VA Geology, weathering/erosion, and groundwater

    Week 11                                                                      E.S. 9 Geologic time/age of rocks

    Week 12                                                                      E.S. 10 Oceans

    Week 13                                                                      E.S. 11 Atmosphere

    Week 14                                                                      E.S. 12 Weather

    Week 15                                                                      SOL Review

    Week 16                                                                      SOL Review

    Week 17                                                                      SOL Review

    Week 18                                                                      Exam Review

     Final Exam