• French I - [111] Mrs. J. Hand


            French I is a high school one credit/one semester elective class.  It is very important that you take your presence in the class seriously-you chose to be here.  Although you are not required to take a foreign language for a standard diploma, it is encouraged, especially if you are planning to attend college.


    Course Description:As described in the SHS registration guide: “In this introductory French course, emphasis is placed on speaking and listening skills.  Visual aids and activities will strengthen the ability to use the vocabulary.  Class participation is essential.  Reading and writing exercises will also provide opportunities to use the language.  French-speaking cultures will come alive in the forms of music, foods, and other experiences.


    Prerequisites: None. French I is open to any student in grades 9-12.  Upon successful completion of the course {which includes adhering to the attendance policy}, the student will earn one high school credit.


    SOLs/competencies: French I SOLs are attached at the end of this handout. There are twelve standards for this level.


    Required materials: a notebook {3 ring binder or a folder with pockets and prongs}, paper, a pen {any color}, a pencil, and a highlighter.  Unless you are told otherwise, bring your materials to class daily.  Class participation points may be deducted if you are not prepared for class.  Please keep all your notes, assignments, handouts, and graded papers in your notebook.  If I take the time to write something on the board, you should take the time to copy it into your notes {this includes information presented on overhead transparencies}.  You will also make your own notes from the material presented in the textbook, especially new vocabulary words and grammar points {verb charts}.  These notes will count as homework grades which are due the day of each lesson’s quiz {approximately twice a week}.


    Attendance: If you are absent from class for any reason, it is your responsibility to see me about what you have missed upon your return to school.  If you know in advance that you will miss class, see me so you can get your assignments.  Please be aware of the school attendance policy: if you miss 10% {9 days} or more of class meetings, you may not receive credit for the class. You must be in class for at least one hour {2/3} of the meeting time to be counted present for the day.  This includes coming to school late, going home early, being disciplined in the office, and spending the period in the if nurse’s office-if you are not in class, you are counted absent.  School-approved absences {class trips, gifted art, sports, ortho note appointments} do not count against your daily attendance.  Please keep in mind that any combination of 3 tardies/dismissals is equal to one absence in a class.  Being sent out of class with a referral is also an unexcused absence.


    Grades: Assignments will be collected/graded at the discretion of the teacher.  Always assume your work will be graded-make a good effort!  Homework is usually {but not always} graded for attempt/completion.  Class work is usually {but not always} graded for accuracy/correctness.  Class participation in a foreign language is very important.  In order to learn French, you must use it!  Each student should expect to be called upon and to answer questions.  Don’t worry about being perfect-just try your best.  As we continue to work with the language, you will improve and become more confident in your skills.  A good attitude is essential. Please put your name, date and class period on all papers that are turned in to me.  If you are absent, you have up to 5 school days to complete make up work.  Cheating on individual assignments {including quizzes} will not be tolerated.  A grade of zero will result if a student is cheating {talking, looking at notes, writing on desk, cheat sheet}.  You will have plenty of opportunities for success in this class.


            Grading is based on the uniform grading scale that is printed in your school calendar and handbook {A=93-100, B=85-92, C=77-84, D=70-76, F=0-69}. For this class your grades will be weighted as follows:

            Homework, projects, cultur2         20%

            Quizzes                                      40%

            Classwork/daily grades                 40%



    Class rules:   All rules in the school handbook are to be followed and will be enforced. Daily behavioral expectations are posted in the classroom.

            1. Be in your seat and ready to begin class with your materials ready when the tardy bell rings.

            2. Respect the teacher, your peers, and their property.

            3. Stay on task, stay awake, and make your best effort daily.  Use the restroom during lunch and/or between classes to take care of your personal needs.

            4. Eating and drinking will occur only in the commons or other designated areas.

            5. Cell phones and other personal electronics [ipod, mp3, etc.] are to be kept off and out of sight until dismissal at the end of the day.


    Class fees: Currently, there are no required class fees for this class.


    * You should keep this handout in the front of your notebook for reference all semester.  I am looking forward to a terrific semester with you- learning another language can be a lot of fun!


    * My contact information:

            You may email me: jhand@southampton.k12.va.us   {this is the           best and quickest way}

            You may send a message via my SchoolCenter site:                                      http://schools.southampton.k12.va.us  choose SHS, staff,                      foreign language, Jennifer Hand

            You may call/leave a message in the office: 757-653-2751