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    A. Moore



    Contact Information:

    Southampton High School 653-2751



    Course Description:


    The concept for Senior Achievement started in December, 2005 at the Governor’s Honor Schools Conference.  The idea was to develop a semester class for graduating seniors focusing on bridging the high school senior into college or life after high school, developing a way to use these seniors to help with younger students as role models/tutors and finally, instilling a desire to get involved in more community service projects.  Most of those goals remain today while others have been adapted to the needs of our community.


    Our Senior Achievement class tries to focus on the above areas.  Every semester is unique.  This is a class that is constantly changing, a class that draws a lot of attention from building administrators as well as the School Board.  Students in this class are awarded a lot of freedom, are trusted by their instructor to stay on task for 90 minutes, and must learn to manage time and freedom while working independently. However, you can weaken that trust by inappropriate behavior.  If there is an issue, please see me as soon as possible so it can be addressed and resolved.


    The projects done by this class have ranged from in-house ( cleaning the walls in the bathrooms, making posters for teachers, assisting the office staff, etc) to around the world with our AnySoldier.com project which has sent over 3,500 pounds of supplies and surprises to our troops overseas.




    Our success depends on your commitment to the purpose of this class.  I challenge you to make this semester the BEST yet.  The structure and purpose of this class is dependent upon you and how you decided to structure the class.  You will be asked to step up and become not only a leader but a role model, assisting in developing programs which may benefit present/future SHS students. 


    Prerequisite:  none


    Textbook:  none


    Required Materials:


    1.  Each student will need 3 prong folder for journal/community service entries


    2.  You may also find a flash drive helpful to you.







    1.  BE ON TIME!!


    2.  Three unexcused TARDIES equals one day’s absence.


    3.  If a student misses more than eight days of class without an approved note, the student will not receive credit for the class.







    1.  Weighting of grades:


      In-School Community Service (20 hours) 25%

      Out of School Community Service (20 hours)   25%

      Journal   25%




    Community service will be divided into two components.  In School Community Service includes those projects that benefit SHS specifically or the school system as a whole and consists of 20 hours of service.  Out of School Community Service includes all those projects that benefit the community in general and consists of 20 hours of service.   ALL community service projects must be approved by the instructor.  Please track the exact number of hours you spend in each category with the service log provided by your instructor.  Grading will be based on the success of the project and (when appropriate) students assessment of each other’s involvement in completing the project.  The following scale will be used to determine grades for this portion of the class (minimum hours receive the minimum grade ie 20 hours = 93/A):


      A = 20+ hours

      B = 15-19 hours

      C = 10-14 hours

      D = 3-9 hours


    You may not count hours if you are given any type of payment for the service, if it is a service that is typically expected of you (babysitting, helping at your parent’s office, helping relatives, assigned jobs at church, etc.), if someone/group did not benefit directly from your involvement.  This instructor does not have a problem is Senior Achievement service hours are also used for other service oriented clubs.




    Each community service experience, including tutoring at any level, should be followed by a journal entry.  The entry should identify the type of community service and should include an evaluation of your experience.  Students should discuss the purpose of the service, the group benefitting from the service, the success of the individual experience and suggestions for improvements.  The journal will be turned in at the end of the course.


    Please be mindful that averages can change rapidly and may be either positive or negative. 



    2.  Grading Scale:


      B   85-92

      C   77-84


      F below 70




    3.  All assignments should be completed and turned in by the due date.  Late assignments will not be accepted.  It is very important to remember that the majority of the grading for this class takes place very close to the end of the semester.  Your final grade may greatly change as a result of grade sheets, time lines, deadlines, and journals being turned in just before final exams.  Also remember that most project done for this class will either be an “A” or and “F” due to the nature of the assignments.  You should not expect an automatic “A” as people have failed this class. 


    4.  Exam Exemption:  This is a privilege, not a right.  There is no final exam for Senior Achievement, however, in order to be excused from the exam period you must meet all SHS requirements plus have no grade of  “0” for any of the semester assignments.  According to school policy, students may be exempt if they have perfect attendance and a “C” average, have only missed one day and have a “B” average, or have missed no more than three days and have a 90 or higher average.  It is within the discretion of the teacher to deny exemption.  In this class, anyone who does not turn in their materials at the end of the semester will not be exempt.


    5.  Averages:  Grades may be accessed through the Parent Portal of Power School.  The Guidance Department can help you set up an account to access your student’s grades .Parents that provide an e-mail address will receive periodic updates.


    6.  If at any time you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me here at school (653-2751) or contact me via e-mail (amoore@southampton.k12.va.us).  I look forward to working with you and your student.








    Classroom Conduct:


    1.  Students are expected to turn in assignments on time.  If an assignment is made, it is due on the date specified.  This applies to papers, projects, and assignment issued with advanced notice.  Students may always turn work in early.  Students should not turn assignments in to my mailbox in the office.  All assignments should be turned in to the instructor.


    2.  Students should write their names on all assignments in order to receive credit from that assignment.  Failure to do so will result in no credit.  Student name, first and last, the block, and date should be included in the upper right hand corner. Spelling counts on all assignments.  Points will be deducted for misspelled words


    3.  Students are expected to be ethical on all course assignments. Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in no credit.  Contributing to cheating will also result in no credit.  In addition, a referral will be written and a conference with your parents will be requested.  Cheating is defined as receiving any help on any assignment unless specifically instructed to do so.


    4.  Respect others in the room, especially when they are speaking.  You may not agree with what they are saying, but they do have the right to say it.  We can disagree in an adult manner.


    5.  Empty your mouth when you enter the room.  Students will not be permitted to chew gum, eat, or drink in the classroom.  Empty your mouth when you enter the room.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.


    6.  Students should take care of personal grooming in the restrooms between classes.  It is inappropriate to comb your hair, fix your make-up, or apply lotion in the classroom.


    7.  You are responsible for all notes taken in class, all information contained in your text, and all information in films, filmstrips, and other audio-visual presentations.


    8.  Students should turn off their cell phones before entering class.  I am required to confiscate any cell phone I see and/or hear.  Confiscated cell phones are turned into the office with a referral and may be retrieved by a parent at the end of the day.


    9.  Students will adhere to any/all SHS policies/regulations according to the student handbook.















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