• If you are a current student and need a transcript for a college application:

    • Once you have completed an online application, check to see if there is a counselor form or Secondary School Report form to print and bring to guidance or if you must provide a counselor email address to make an electronic request. If you are not prompted to do  either, please come to the see the guidance secretary. She will have you submit the name, address and date of request on your own personal records request card.
    • If you are filing a paper application, bring your completed application to your counselor for review. We will complete any remaining school information, attach a transcript, and mail the entire packet. 
    • The first transcript we mail for you is FREE.
    • Each subsequent transcript mailed will be $5.
    • Seniors will be issued a transcript bill in the spring.

    If you need a transcript to enclose with a scholarship application:

    • Please tell us the name of the scholarship at the time you request the transcript.
    • These transcripts will be provided at no charge.
  • Former students may request transcripts by phone or mail. The following information is needed:

    • Your full legal name (as it was when you attended school here)
    • Your birthdate
    • The year you graduated or stopped attending
    • A current phone number

    If you would like to make your request by phone, call 757-653- 2751 and ask for the guidance secretary. These requests are processed every Thursday and are available for pick-up after noon on Friday. The fee is $5.00 per transcript and must be paid before the records will be released.

    If you are mailing your request, please include a check or money order payable to Southampton High School in the amount of $5.00.