• Welcome to the Guidance Department at Southampton High School


    The mission of the Guidance and Counseling Program of Southampton County Schools is to collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, and other school and community stakeholders to provide educational, social, and cultural experiences which will enable students to mentally, physically, emotionally and socially develop to their maximum potential.
    Our role is to offer a comprehensive counseling program that addresses all students' academic, career, and personal/social development needs. The professional school counselor:
    • Supports a safe learning environment and works to safeguard human rights of all members of the school community.
    • Collaborates with other stakeholders to promote student achievement and addresses the needs of all students through prevention and intervention programs.
    Southampton County Public Schools' philosophy is that guidance and counseling is an essential and integral part of our district's instructional program. We understand that guidance and counseling is vital for our students to achieve personalized, relevant learning and to develop meaningful educational plans while in school and beyond. We believe that the academic, career, personal/social, and community involvement skills and knowledge that students need for success in schools and in life are attainable when guidance and counseling is provided in a consistent and developmental way for each and every student. We acknowledge that guidance and counseling is not a service offered by one person or department but a program coordinated with all educators in a building and articulated between buildings. We recognize that the program includes parents and other stakeholders in the community and content must be integrated into the curriculum.
    With this in mind, all members of the SHS Guidance Department will strive to provide the best services and information possible in order to promote the future success of our students.
  • Our department consists of three counselors, one school test coordinator and one guidance secretary to serve the needs of students, parents, and the public.

    Mrs. Gardner is the Director of Guidance and is the counselor for all SHS students with the last name between A-E.  Her other duties include publicizing scholarships, Scholarship Committee Coordinator, PERT and Transition Team Correspondent, CTE Advisory Committee Delegate, State Report Coordinator, and Leadership Team Delegate. Mrs. Gardner also works as the co-sponsor of the Senior Class.

    Mrs. Gary is the counselor for all SHS students with the last name F-N and serves as the Student Support Team Chairperson.

    Mrs. Walker-Lee is the counselor for all SHS students with the last name O-Z. She serves as 504 Committee Chairperson. Furthermore, Mrs. Walker-Lee is our lead counselor for crisis intervention.

    Mrs. Preau is the School Test Coordinator for Southampton High School.  Her duties include administering the division's standardized student testing programs which includes nationally recognized tests, state required test, industry credentialing assessments, and locally developed criterion-referenced test (i.e.: SOL assessments, PSAT, SAT, WISE Financial Literacy and AP examinations).  She is also a School CTE Advisory Committee Delegate, Leadership Team Delegate and College and Career Readiness Coordinator.

    Mrs. Hewett is our department secretary. She can assist with general information pertaining to schedules, grades, transcripts, testing, enrollment, and withdrawal procedures or refer individuals to the appropriate counselor. Mrs. Hewett is also in charge of processing all transcript requests from former students.

    To contact any of the individuals listed above, you may call 757-653-2751 or email them by clicking on the appropriate tab on the left-hand side of your screen.