• Supplies that your child will need for this school year are:

    1. Two bottles of glue

    2. Six large glue sticks or twelve small glue sticks

    3. Crayons (no markers)--2 packs

    4. Scissors

    5. Three Black and white composition notebooks

    6. Five spiral bound single subject notebooks

    7. Three packs of pencils

    8. Pencil box

    9. Two packs of looseleaf notebook paper (Wide ruled)

    10. 300 index cards (3x5 or 4x6)

    11. One red ink pen

    12. One pack of dry erase markers (any color)

    13. Two folders with pockets

    14. Three boxes of tissues

    15. Clorox wipes (or store brand)

    16.  One bottle of hand sanitizer

    17. Pencil top erasers

    I often use Ziploc bags of various sizes for games that I make for the students, so if you could provide any of those, that would be great. I like the kind with the zipper, which is easy for the students to close.  I could also use some treats or prizes for the class treat jar.