• In case of emergency, these are some lessons that you can have your child complete at home.

    Reading/Word study/Language--1.  Read library book, or another book, and ask your child questions about what they have read.  You may have them illustrate a picture of their favorite part of the story and write a summary of what they drew.

                  2.  Go to Starfall.com and have your child read some of the stories, and complete the activities that go along with the stories.

                  3.  Go to superteacherworksheets.com and find a worksheet on the skills we are working on in reading or language arts.

                  4.  Write sentences with all word study words for the week.  Also, write these words in ABC order.

    Math--1.  Practice basic addition and subtraction facts by rainbow writing them, as we do with word study words in word study.

             2.  Depending on the skill for the week, do a search for a math game on the internet.

             3. fun4thebrain.com has some fun games with addition/subtraction facts.

             4.  Superteacherworksheets.com has some worksheets with most skills that we learn in second grade.

    Social Studies/Science--1.  Review notes in science and social studies notebook.  Make up questions to ask your child about what they have been learning.