• The items listed below should be labeled clearly for use by the individual student:

    1. Emergency Box – A plastic size shoebox filled with a pair of long pants, short sleeve shirt, underpants, and socks. Please make sure that each piece is labeled with your child’s name.

    2. Book Bag – A book bag to carry daily notes, library books, homework, folder, and various papers he/she will need to carry home and back to school.

    3. Rest Mat – A thin plastic kindergarten mat is best.

    4. Folders – Two plastic folders with pockets, no brads. Make sure to write your child’s name on each folder.

    5. Lunch Box – A lunch box for snacks and lunches.

    6. 6 large glue sticks or 12 small glue sticks – The large sticks last longer and do not break as easy.

    7. Markers – One set of fat markers with the 8 basic colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black.)

    8. Erasers – 2 large pink erasers

    9. Pencil Box – A small plastic pencil box that will stay at school to hold crayons, glue, pencil, and eraser.

    10. Scissors – One pair of child scissors.

    11. Crayons – Three 24 pack crayons

    12. Pencils – One package of primary (fat) pencils.

    13. 2 - one subject spiral notebooks.

    14. Headphones - not earbuds

    15. Dry Erase Markers - 1 package

    The items listed below will be shared in the class and are not required:

    1. Tissues – One large box of tissues

    2. Slide Lock Freezer Bags – One box of quart size slide lock freezer bags. These are easier for the children to open and close.

    3. 1 containers of disinfecting wipes – These will be used to clean the table, spills and cubbies.

    4. Hand sanitizer – The type with a pump is easier to use by the children.

    5. Hand and Face Wipes – 1 container of wipes to be used to clean faces when needed.