• Mrs. Williams Behavior Plan

    2017 - 2018

    The Class Rules:

    1.               Follow Directions the first time.

    2.              Raise your hand for permission to speak.

    3.              Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

    4.              Make smart choices.

    5.              Keep your teacher happy. (Follow 1 through 4 and you will).


                Each day all names will start out on blue and if they make terrific choices then they may move UP to purple.  On the other hand, if choices are in the opposite direction they move DOWN to green, then yellow, then red.  Before colors begin to move for inappropriate behavior the child is given verbal warnings. Students will be able to “redeem” themselves throughout the day (by moving back to yellow or green) if improvements in behavior are made. If a child severely disrupts the class, the child will be sent to office immediately (regardless of how many rules he or she has broken).

    Behavior Chart:

                A chart for the month is taped in your child’s folder. Each student will have a piece of popcorn with his or her name on it. He or she will be asked to move their crayon to a specific color (moving up or down in steps) to indicate behavior according to the choices he or she is making. I will color the calendar in his or her folder each day indicating daily behavior. The student will tell me the color and why they are on that color. For example, I am on blue; I did awesome work today. I am on purple; I helped my friend solve a problem and cleaned up my station extra well. I am on green; I did good work but I did not follow directions very well.

    Color Codes:

    PURPLE:  Above and Beyond Expectations

    BLUE:  Ready to Learn! (Each student will start each day at this level)

    GREEN:  Warning, make better choices

    YELLOW:  Conference with teacher before recess

    RED:  Conference with teacher before recess and a note home


    At the end of each day students will earn DOJO points 3 for purple, 2 for blue, 0 for green, -2 for yellow, and -3 for red. Based on their points they will earn prizes throughout the year.

    I have discussed the behavior plan with all of the children, but I would appreciate it if you would review it with your child at home. After you have reviewed it, please sign and return this sheet to me. 

    Thank you for your support,

                Mrs. Williams