• Word Study – Week of :

    June 1, 2015

    For the week of: June 1, 2015

    Group 1- Tan words.- 

    came, cone, cut, camel, cost, cuddle, cent, cease, cyst, cell, cite, cinch, say, soak, surf, simple, set, soft

    Group 2- Blue words-

    forest, normal, morning, torment, shortage, ignore, shoreline, explore, boredom, purple, cursive, surplus, curfew, purchase, secure, surely, endure, assure

    Group 3 - Yellow words.

    plop, hot, stop, pox, bone, froze, throne, smoke, soap, toast, coax, oak, roam, hold, comb, both, stroll, volt

    Group 4 - Purple words.

    greeting, melted, coaching, pushed, screaming, climbing, writing, piled, sharing, smiled, voted, blamed, planning, jogged, dragging, shipped, stopped, rubbed.

    Group 5 - Orange words.-

    arm, cart, hard, sharp, yarn, take, scale, grape, stage, rain, paid, faint, wail, grain, care, flare, share, square