• Cardinal Rules and Classroom Procedures

    1.    Be safe.

    2.    Be Respectful.

    3.    Be Responsible.

    4.    Be a Problem Solver.

    Colors and Consequences

    Each student will have a bus with his or her name on it. He or she will be asked to move their bus to a specific color to indicate behavior according to the choices he or she is making. I will color the calendar in his or her folder each day indicating daily behavior.


    Purple- You are making excellent choices. Thank you for setting an example with your behavior.

    Blue-You are making good choices.

    Students will begin each day on blue.

    Green-Warning! Please make better choices.

    Yellow- Repeated warnings given, conference with student.

    Red-Disruptive behavior. Note or phone call home.


    Repeated disturbances or breaking rules in the school/student handbook will be immediately referred to the office.


    Students will have a reward chart with their name on it. Each day student’s have the opportunity to earn stickers for their chart. If students are on purple at the end of the day they will earn two stickers. Blue will earn one sticker. After the reward chart is filled the student will take a trip to the prize box, where they have the opportunity to choose one item to keep.

    School Pledge                                  

    As a student at Riverdale Elementary               

    School, I pledge to do my best today.              

    I will show respect for myself,

    for others, and for our school.  

    Student Pledge

    I am smart.

    I can do it.

    I will do my best today.