• Reading Tips!

    • When helping your  child  read at home, several strategies may be used to aid in decoding unknown  words:


    ·   Tell your child  to use the picture.

    ·   Tell your child  to look for chunks in the word, such as it in sit, and in and, or ing  in standing.

    ·   Ask your child  to get his/her mouth ready to say the first letter in the word.

    ·   Ask your child if  the word looks like another word he/she knows. (rhyming)

    ·   If your child  says  the wrong word while reading, ask questions like:

    Does it make sense?

    Does it sound right?

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    • Read with your child everyday.

    • Make regular trips to the library.

    • Limit TV and video game times.


  • Math Tips!


    Strategies for Math Word Problems
        1. Read the problem slowly and carefully.
        2. Cross out information that is not relevant.
        3. Draw a diagram of the problem of visualize it.
        4. State the facts and the problem in your own words.
        5. Estimate what the answer should be.
        6. Calculate the answer and check against the estimate
        7. Check your work.
        8. Remember you have to know the basic math facts to get the correct answer.
        9. Be persistent
      10. Be sure you read the problem correctly.