• Homework

    I teach Reading/Language Arts; therefore, all homework I assign will come from those subjects. Students are required to read for at least 20 minutes every night whether written homework is given or not. This will help students develop the necessary skills to be successful in class. It also helps build fluency.

    The students also need to study his/her spelling words and the sort nightly. Spelling and Reading (selection) tests are given on Fridays. The reading test are given based on the story in the textbook that we read that week. All reading activities completed during whole group instruction are based on the selection we have read in class. We read the story several times as well as listen to it on CD. The students have plenty of exposure to story to be successful on the selection test. In addition to that, students should study the vocabulary words nightly as well because they are apart of the weekly reading tests.

    Accelerated Reader

    Students are expected to take AR test on books that are on their individual reading level. I give ample amount of time during class for AR tests to ensure all students reach their goal. Students need to try to test weekly, if not every other day unless they have a chapter book. AR is not just points, they have to have at least 85% as the overall average.