• Below you will find a list of classroom information.  Please review the rules with your child. They are as follows:

    Classroom Rules-

    1.     Come to class prepared with all supplies and homework completed.

    2.   Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    3.   Listen while others are talking.

    4.   Work quietly and do not disturb others

    5.   Show respect for the teacher, peers, school and other people’s property

    6.   Work and play in a safe manner


    Rewards- Students are given verbal praise throughout the day.  Other rewards may include stickers, candy, or anything else deserving of the students.

    Consequences-1. Verbal warning 2. Time Out/Time away from group or activity 3. Note or phone call home 4. Referral to the office

    Weekly Newsletter- A class newsletter will be sent home each week. It will include the SOL objectives and topics that we will be discussing in class that week. It will also give test and quiz dates. Reminders about school events will be included as well.


    Homework- Students will have homework every night (except Fridays). He/she is expected to complete it even though there is no grade given. It helps him/her review the activities we did in class and it also helps you see what we are working on in class. There will not be any homework given on any skill that has not been taught. Homework is an extension of the school day. Homework should not take any more than 15 minutes to complete.   If there is no written homework, the student needs to read and AR book or any book every night for at least 10 min. This helps with fluency and comprehension. Also, students should practice math facts (multiplication, addition and subtraction) nightly. This will help to reenforce what is taught at school. Daily work, school notices, and notes from the teacher will be sent home in the child’s daily folder.  


    Graded Papers- Graded papers will be sent home in the take home folder every Tuesday, unless otherwise noted. Please review the papers with your child and sign the folder. You may keep the papers at home unless it is something specific I would like for you to sign.



    Make-Up Work-All students that are absent will be given a chance to make-up his/her work. I will allow one week to get the completed work back to me. If the student does not make-up the work, there will not be a grade given for those assignments.


    Class Parties- Any food sent to school must be unopened and store bought. Please notify me beforehand if you wish to send something to school for your child’s birthday.


    I am looking forward to a great and successful year. If you need to contact me please send a note in your child’s daily folder or agenda. You may also call me at school. Please allow me at least 24 hours to respond unless it is an emergency.  You may also contact via email at aprilwarren@southampton.k12.va.us .

    Thank you,

    Mrs. April R. Warren