• Welcome  Back  to  School!    Nottoway  Elementary School Year  2015-2016  Fabulous  Fifth  Graders!

    5th  Grade  students  will  need the following school  supplies  by the end of week  September 11, 2015:

    (1) Five-Subject Notebook with PlasticCovers (Mead or 5 star brand preferred),  (5) Dividers,  (2) 1 1/2 Inch Binders,           

    (6) Glue Stickes),  (1) Box Sandwich Size Zipper  Bags,  (2) Packs of 3x5 Index Cards           

     Flash Drive          #2 Pencils          (2) Boxes of Tissues        (No Mechanical Pencils or Sharpie Markers)

     (2) Marbled Composition  Books     Plenty Loose Leaf Paper (Wide or College Rule)     Clorox Wipes       Highlighters

      Zipper Pencil Pouch       Scissors         Hand Sanitizer             Crayons, Markers, or Colored Pencils



  • Thank you in advance for all your cooperation supplying your child with the essential  school supplies needed for a successful school  year in 5th Grade.

    Mrs. Davis 5th Grade Teacher

    Language Arts and Virginia Studies