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    The counseling program is developmental and preventive and includes a variety of services:


    Counseling is conducted with students individually and in small groups to help them resolve or cope constructively with their problems and developmental concerns.

    Counseling is also conducted with parents.


    Consultation is conducted with parents, teachers, administrators, school psychologists, social workers/visiting teachers, medical professionals and community agency personnel. This provides for the mutual sharing and analysis of information and ideas to plan and carry out strategies to help students experiencing problems.


    Coordination requires the counselor to work with other pupil personnel service professionals to help students experiencing difficult problems, assist parents to obtain needed services for their children, coordinate the school's testing program, which includes interpreting test results to students, parents, and school personnel.


    Classroom guidance is a planned, developmental program of guidance activities to foster students' academic, personal/social, and career development provided for all students.