•                                        Ms. Blowe's First Grade

                                    Classroom Rules

    1. I will listen and follow directions
    2. I will show respect for others and their possessions,
    3. I will keep my hands, feet, and all objects to myself
    4. I will use acceptable language at all times
    5. I will not prevent the teacher from teaching or my classmates from learning
    6. I will not tease my classmates 
    7. I wil not leave the classroom without permission   


    • 1st   Consequence:  Verbal warning from teacher
    • 2nd  Consequence:  Think about chair for 5 minutes  in classroom or another                                      classroom
    • 3rd  Consequence:   Think about chair for the number of minutes of they are in                                    age
    • 4th  Consequence:    Phone call to parents or conference with parents
    • 5th  Consequence: Teacher/ Student conference with Principal Ricks