• Rules:

    1. Follow the teacher’s directions.

    2. Respect others and their property.

    3. Use an appropriate voice level and tone.

    4. Stay in your seat or at your work area unless otherwise directed.

    5. Be responsible for your work and your behavior.


    To encourage students to follow the rules, I will recognize appropriate behavior with rewards.  The students will be earning punches on a punch card this year for individual rewards.

    However, if a student chooses to break a rule, the following steps will be taken:


    First time: Warning

    Second time: Time Out (10 minutes)

    Third Time: Loss of Privilege

    Fourth Time: Note/Phone Call Home

    Fifth Time: Send to Principal (School Discipline Policy)

    Severe Disruption – Send to Principal

    Pattern of behavior – If a pattern of behavior is displayed during the week, the students may automatically go to the 3rd consequence.