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    Check out the class studios listed below for the fall cycle of coding projects!

    Thanks again to our partners at Code to the Future for all of the work they do to support coding in SCPS!

    Studios/project lists are being updated as students share their projects with their teachers. To see more projects in a given studio, click the blue LOAD MORE button at the bottom of the project list.

    A note on Scratch Jr: Scratch Jr. Projects are presented as video recordings rather than interactables because the Scratch Jr. file format requires the Scratch Jr. app to run. If you wish to interact directly with your child's project, you can open the appropriate Google Folder from the links below and download your child's .sjr file from the SJR folder there to an iPad with the Scratch Jr. app installed.

    Note for Scratch projects only (not Scratch Jr.): If your child has NOT clicked the orange SHARE button at the top of their project, they need to do so in order for their teacher to be able to see their work and make their project visible here.


    To use the SEARCH functionality below:

    • Use the Name box to search for your child's teacher by name (ex. "Mrs. Harris"). 
    • Use the Title box to search for a specific grade level (ex. "5th grade").
    • Use the Location box to search for a specific school (Ex. "Riverdale Elementary").
    • Please press the Search button to begin your search, Pressing the Enter or Return key will not start the search.
    • Once you have the class you wish to view, click the "View Website" link at the right to open the class studio (Scratch) or Google Folder (Scratch Jr.). For Scratch Jr projects, find and double-click your video in the folder to play it.



  • Capron Elementary
  • Meherrin Elementary
  • Nottoway Elementary
  • Riverdale Elementary
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