• Southampton Middle School

    Fully Accredited Again!!!!! We are EXPANDING EXCELLENCE by continuing to Educate the Whole Child


    As we begin a new school year at Southampton Middle School, we all recognize the impact of parental involvement on a child’s success in school. There is no question that success at school starts at home; parents are the most important aspect of a child’s schooling. The most important component of a successful school is the partnership between the school and parents working together to educate our children.  This partnership will continue to be one of the strengths at Southampton Middle School. 

    We are continuously working to build a stronger tie between the school and the community. The PTO is working diligently for our children by hosting several different activities. We have parents volunteering during and after school hours for these activities, and we encourage each of you to become involved in some way. What a great way to let your child know that you really care about what they are accomplishing educationally.

    In the best classrooms in the nation, teachers establish specific routines for children to follow; this is how our teachers began the year.  This routine, aligned with the teacher’s persistence in establishing a smooth running classroom, helps to ensure a positive environment for an optimal learning experience. This is also paramount at home. Establishing routines when it comes to completing assignments and having quiet time for studying is very important. We also need to keep in mind that along with these routines, kids need time to grow as young people because this is a special time of learning about different experiences in life.   

    Hopefully, the school year has started on a good note for our children as we work diligently to educate the whole child. Our commitment to provide the best for our children, with the cooperation of parents, students and staff is the key to our success with the children we teach. School and home can work together to build the skills and knowledge, reiterate deep values and morals, and develop a sense that our kids, yours and mine alike, can do anything they set their minds to. Thanks for all your support thus far, as we must invest our time and energies in our nation’s most valuable resource – our children.



    Mark Barfield

    Patricia Jackson

    Jasmine Galloway

    Principals, Southampton Middle School