• What is Fresh Start?


    The Fresh Start Center


    The Fresh Start Center is an off campus site that houses two (2) programs; Academic and Alternative Education, which provides individual and small group instruction tailored to meet each student’s unique needs.


    The purpose of both programs is to provide academic instruction and character education so that each student will become a good citizen and continue to be a life-long learner. Upon successful completion of the academic or alternative education program, the student returns to his or her base school.


    Achieving academically, building a positive self-esteem, and improving learning strategies in a caring and supportive environment are the primary goals at the Fresh Start Center.


    Academic Program


    The academic program includes year-long classes where each student focuses on the core subjects of English, mathematics, and social studies. Students receive individualized and small group instruction in English grammar and mechanics, language and writing, foundations of mathematics, and social studies, as well as receive instruction in solving mathematical word problems with emphasis on reading and interpreting math terminology. Elective courses include health and physical education and economics and personal finance.


    Students mainly work in groups and demonstrate steps to solutions by completing projects, engaging in smart board activities, utilizing the computer and delivering oral presentations. Students also work in the academic computer laboratory completing specific classes on the computer for high school credit.

    Alternative Education Program

    The alternative education program provides instruction for students assigned to the day, evening expulsion, or home-based setting. This program is designed for students suspended from their base school for a short period of the school year or expelled from school for a long-term period.

    Students engage in lessons for the academics and lessons on building good character with special emphasis on the student handbook from their base school. Students in the day program complete classes in the alternative education computer laboratory, receiving individualized and small-group remediation from the teacher/facilitator each day.

    ~ Fresh Start Center Hallmark ~

     Academic Remediation

    Academic Success

    Individualized Instruction

    Cooperative Learning

    Goal Setting

    Positive Self-Esteem



    Critical Thinking

    Problem Solving

    Experiential Learning

    Community Service

    Counseling Services


    Students in the Academic Program are afforded the opportunity

    to visit a variety of college campuses throughout the year.

  • No Bullying in 2016-2017

     We Have Spirit!

  • Ladies of Distinction

    Mrs. Jennell Riddick comes to talk with the ninth grade girls in various areas once a month. They enjoy talking with her about things that girls should know to help them to make better choices about life decisions.