• The vision of Nottoway Elementary School 

    is to foster a love of learning that develops

    responsible, independent critical thinkers.


    Dear Kindergarten Families,

    My name is Mrs. Christie Claud, and I am so excited to be your child’s Kindergarten teacher this year!  This will be a fun filled year of learning, sharing, and extraordinary growth with your child!  In Kindergarten we will meet new friends, learn new vocabulary, become great little writers, develop a love for reading, and most importantly we will have FUN! 

    As a student in my classroom, your child will have many opportunities to grow in academics, social, and character development areas. As your child’s teacher, I will provide a welcoming, nurturing, and safe learning environment in my classroom. As part of my education philosophy; I hold high expectations for all of my students, I believe every child can learn, and I will strive to give each and every student the skills he or she will need to succeed in the first grade and continuing throughout their educational journey.

    Foremost, I welcome and greatly encourage parent/guardian involvement in your child’s learning process as much as possible. It is my intent to keep you, the parent/guardian knowledgeable of all educational goals, subject area content, homework assignments, and important dates daily/weekly. Attached you will find the complete list of rules and procedures for our classroom. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me anytime through email, letter, or a phone call, and I will promptly get back with you. Finally, it is a going to be a fantastic year, and I expect GREAT things from your child. We must all work together to ensure success. I would like to thank you in advance for your support. Your child is just beginning their learning adventure!


    Mrs. Christie Claud


    Keeping You Involved and Informed

    Communication Folders, Behavior and Money

     It is our intent as a Kindergarten grade level to send home weekly newsletters informing you of our upcoming subject area topics, Virginia Standards of Learning covered, homework assignments and important dates. These newsletters can also be found online at our school website which is accessed through the website of Southampton County Schools. Your child will also have a communication folder that is sent home daily. There will be a monthly calendar inside indicating your child’s behavioral choices each day. I will be using a color-coded system to display student behavior. (See attached) I will indicate a color on his or her folder daily to keep you aware of his or her behavior choices for the day. My behavior system is based on rules and your child’s choices of whether to follow those rules or not. I believe this system will help indicate to students that life is based on your choices and those choices render consequences, both negative and positive. Attached you will find the rules for my classroom and the consequences and rewards your child will receive for his or her choices. Please initial beside your child’s color and return his or her folder EACH DAY.  

    There will also be a Ziploc bag included in the back of each folder. These bags are used for holding each student’s money. You may send in money for breakfast, lunch or ice cream (ice cream and snacks sold ONLY on Fridays.) It is important that ALL money be placed in this bag and NOT in student book bags or pockets. Kindergarten teachers DO NOT go through student book bags. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you please label all money placed in the bag within your child’s folder with student name, amount and what the money is to go towards. Otherwise, any money not labeled will go towards your child’s NES Lunch account.  I would encourage you to pay for breakfast and lunch by the week or month in order to minimize daily handling of money.

    Other items such as notes, homework, field trip forms, school announcements and calendars, Cafeteria menus and celebration requests may be found in this folder. Completed and graded work will be sent home each Friday for review. Please go over this work with your child and discuss what we have been learning together. You will be pleasantly surprised at the knowledge that he/she is gaining!



      Each day your child will have the opportunity to have an afternoon snack. Each child is encouraged to bring in a healthy snack of their choice daily. **IF your snack requires utensils, please remember to send those as well. Though we have a water fountain in our classroom, I do allow my students to bring in a water bottle daily to have on their desk throughout the day. However, It must only consist of water.

    School Hours

      School hours are from 8:00am to 3:15pm. If you intend to drop off your child at the beginning of the school day, please be aware that students may not arrive until 7:45 or after.Students must stay in the Cafeteria until classes begin at 8:00am. I cannot stress enough the importance of attendance and punctuality to the total learning experience. We have so much to learn and your child has so much to contribute to our classroom. In the event that your child must miss school, please send a note explaining the reason for absence. If your child is tardy, please report to the office to sign-in your student. Attendance is taken at 8:30 daily.



      At the end of the school day, your child will either be put on a bus or sent to the Cafeteria for Parent-Pick-Up. It is of VITAL importance that you inform the office IN WRITING of any changes to your child’s regular dismissal schedule.  Keeping a consistent schedule for dismissal is helpful both to your child, his/her teacher and the office. We cannot put students on a different bus or hold them for Parent-Pick-Up without a note from you in your child’s folder detailing the dismissal change. E-mail is NOT an accepted as appropriate notification. It is extremely important that we know in advance where to send your child in the afternoon each day. Keeping a schedule, planning and open communication will prevent questions about afternoon dismissal.

    Handbook Information

    Please review the NES Student Handbook with your child for school rules and regulations. Also, please be advised that it is the policy of NES that students may NOT wear flip-flops.

    If you have any further question or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime. Again, welcome to Kindergarten, I am looking forward to an exciting year of fun and learning!!



    Photo. Tambako the Jaguar / Foter.com / CC BY-ND