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SMS instruction moving more virtual; Students may borrow a device

Similar to the instructional model currently being used at Southampton High School, Southampton Middle School will begin moving to more virtual learning starting April 20, the day students return after Spring Break.

Students who need a device at home to access the division's learning management system, Schoology, as well as other online resources assigned by SMS teachers will be able to borrow a division iPad.  iPads will be distributed starting Monday, April 6th.  See the flyer for more information and schedule.

The guidelines and device assignment forms can be downloaded in advance, but we will also have forms on-site.  A Parent / Guardian will need to sign the assignment form in order for a student to be issued an iPad.


Q:  Does my student have to borrow a school iPad if we have a computer (laptop or desktop), an iPad, or other tablet device at home they can use?

A:  No, as long as the device can access the Schoology website and other web based resources commonly used at school (such as IXL and Study Island), it should be fine.