• Capron Cubs Reading Corner

  • Sight Words Help With Reading

    "Sight Words" are words that your child sees often and can recognize quickly.  They help your child better understand the words she reads.  The more sight words your child knows, the more time she'll have to spend learning new words, and the more she'll be able to enjoy what she reads.  Do these things to help build your child's vocabulary of sight words:

    Read aloud with your child every day.

    Encourage your child to use a dictionary to look up words she does not understand.

    Encourage your child to read alone every day.

    Suggest your child read poems, rhymes and other repetitve materials.


  •   How Does Your Child Learn Best?


    Just like adults, children respond differently in different learning situations.  What type of reader is your child?

    Auditory learners enjoy books on tape.  This type of learner learns best from listening to books as they are read.

    A visual learner may recognize words by sight.  Pointing to words as they are read helps this type of learner.

    Kinesthetic learners love an activity that combines physical activity whith reading. 

    A tactile learner needs hands-on experience.  Writing new words with a variety of writing instruments, or playing board games are helpful activities. 

    Remember these different learning styles as you observe your child.  Match activities with your child's style to help develop a love of reading


    Parent Quiz: Can Your Child Find, Evaluate, and Use Information?

       In your child's reading materials, do you help him find information, evaluate it and use it?  Here's a quiz to see.  Check everything you do.

    _____ 1. I talk with my child about the different ways information can be presented   (charts, graphs, lists).

    _____ 2. I introduce different places my child can find information (books, magazines, the Internet).

    _____ 3. I suggest resources my child can use to pursue his personal interests and questions.

    _____ 4. I let my child see me using different resources to answer my own questions.

    How Did You Score?

    if you checked all four, you're doing a great job.  If not, try the ideas you didn't check!