• About Me: Hi there! My name is Ashley Burns. I grew up around the area and went to Windsor High before graduating from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor's and Master's of Special Education. I love reading and try my best to encourage the students to read more as well. The students here at SMS keep me smiling and I look forward to a career full of constant growth as an educator. I enjoy building rapport with the students and trying to figure out what encourages and motivates each individual in order to form memories and academic success. Please help our students become successful life-long learners by helping them at home to stay on top of homework, studying, and school supplies; and by collaborating with SMS and letting me know if I can help in any way!

    You can contact me at aburns@southampton.k12.va.us or (757) 653-9250.

    My Schedule:

    Period 1 - Math 8 with Mrs. Warren

    Period 2 - Math 8 with Mrs. Warren/Science 8 with Mrs. Bicknell

    Period 3 - Math 8 with Mrs. Warren

    Period 4 - Science 8 with Mr. St. Edwards

    Period 5 - Civics 8 with Mr. Grizzard

    Period 6 - Math 8 with Mrs. Griffith

    Period 7 - Planning

    Below you will see attachments/links to the pages of teachers I work with. You may find additional and/or pertinent academic information on these sites.