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    Joyce Edwards - Room 202

    Electronic Classroom Facilitator

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  • What is the Virtual Virginia Electronic Classroom?

    Classes are taught by master teachers from locations spread across Virginia.  By using electronic technologies we are able to offer classes in subjects that we may not otherwise provide for our students.  Class viewing times can be flexible.  Students can view their subject over the internet every day.  They may watch videos, write papers, answer questions take quizzes and tests, do practice exercises, post and receive messages, and do research as directed by their online instructor.  The list of offered courses can be accessed at www.virtualvirginia.org.  Parents may obtain their own username and password from the Virtual Virginia website to check their child's progress and assignments.

    To see what courses are offered through the virtual classes you can go online at www.virtualvirginia.org and click on courses.

    The Electronic Classroom also houses Academic Success (remediation), Academic Success DC (for PDCC students), and some CTE Success (Career Technical Education in a variety of subjects) students.

  • Schedule for 1st Semester:

    Block 1:  Academic Success DC, World Mythology, AP Statistics, Latin I, CTE Success, Honors Physics

    Block 2:  AP Physics, Academic Success DC, Academic Success, World Mythology, Latin I, Psychology, AP Calculus BC, AP Biology, Creative Writing, Honors Physics


    Block 3:   Latin I, Psychology, Astronomy, CTE Success, Creative Writing, Honors Physics

    Block 4:  CTE Success, World Mythology, Academic Success DC, Chinese I, Creative Writing

  • Reminders to Parents:

    1. You can access grades yourself at any time by logging in on Virtual Virginia. Virtual Virginia has a link for the parents to sign up for their own login.   You can also check grades through Parent Portal on School Center.

    2. Most classes have pacing guides that can be accessed online at the Virtual Virginia site.

    3. All Virtual Virginia classes are accessed on the web at: www.virtualvirginia.org .  CTE Success and Academic Success courses are accessed through PLATO.  Academic Success DC allows students taking PDCC classes school time to complete work for those classes.

    4.  I try to send out grade updates weekly on Friday's for the Virtual Virginia classes.  Please sign and return them so that I know that you are aware of your child's progress.

  • I can be reached during the school day (7:15-3:00) by calling the school (653-2751) or by the email link on the contact page.