• Welcome to Chemistry, the central science of all the others. You will find that chemistry is in all the science subjects and in your life. A great example is cooking. It has a procedure to mix the ingredients, how long to add heat ( remember it is relative to the situation) and how much, and the chemical change of the ingredients. The results are either "did it taste good or bad". Chemistry is not only about the explosions that everyone loves to see (fireworks), but of everything you need, want, or can dream up. I want you to let me introduce you to this awesome, mysterious, and wondrous universe called chemistry.

    2nd. semester- spring 2019

    • Blk. 1  Chemistry (A)
    • Blk. 2  Chemistry (A)
    • Blk. 3  Chemistry-Honors
    • Blk. 4  Chemistry-Honors

    You may contact me at: austina@southampton.k12.va.us

    Materials needed:

    • 1"-1.5" 3 ring binder
    • regular ruled notebook paper
    • 3 packs of subject dividers
    • #2 or mechanical pencils
    • 2ea. blue, black, red pens