• Materials Needed for ALL Art Classes:

    1) #2 Pencils with Eraser (NOT mechanical)

    2) An Apron or Old shirt

    3) Notebook/Sketch Book of UNLINED paper

    *Recommended sizes are 8.5"x11" or 9"x12". Smaller is ok but bigger will not fit in the classroom lockers.

    *Apron/shirt and sketch book are to be left in the classroom.

  • Recyclable Materials needed for Donation

    Old magazines/calendars (for collages), newspapers, emptied toilet paper/paper towel rolls, Styrofoam, gallon jugs and glass bottles (please wash out at home before bringing in) and cardboard boxes.

    *We also need facial tissues and hair spray

    **Any other materials not on this list you feel could be repurposed for use in the art room, please feel free to send them to school with your student! These are just the main materials we will use throughout the year but any help would be appreciated. 


    Office Hours are for students who were absent and need to catch up or need extra help, time and access to the art supplies to work on an assignment that is not overdue.

    Before School 7:15-7:45am

    You must get a pass from me THE DAY BEFORE in order to come to my room instead of going to the gym before school starts.

    Tuesday Success Time 7:50-8:25am

    You must have teacher signed tutorial pass to leave your first block class during this time and you will be expected to stay until the bell, even if your work is finished early.

    Thursday Club Time 7:50-8:25am

    Any student who was absent on Tuesday and is not in a club can use Thursday mornings for extra tutorial on weeks the Art Club does not meet.

    After School 3:00-4:30pm

    I will use after school hours once a week, on an as needed basis, for students who cannot attend the other office hours. Appointments will be assigned by the teacher at the beginning of the week to individual students.