• The Reading Pad

    Welcome to the reading room!  My name is Mrs. Deskins and I am the reading specialist for K-5 at Nottoway. I am very excited to be back at Nottoway again this year.  Your child has been selected to attend my reading class to obtain some additional reading assistance.  Students work with me on skills that he/she need remediation in.  Most students who come to the Reading Room will attend for thirty minutes daily. 

    Students that come to the reading room have three responsibilities:
    1. Listen and follow directions at all times.
    2. Read the books in his/her reading bag each night.
    3. Practice reading sight words each night.

    In-class instruction

    The in-class instruction will be approximately thirty minutes and will be determined based on each student's academic needs.  It is very important for students to listen and follow directions while in class so that he/she understands each skill being taught.  I  want to utilize every minute that I see them and will therefore need their undivided attention.

    Reading Bags/Reading Logs

    Each student will bring home a reading bag each night. The bag will include a reading log, a sight words ring, and a book on the student's reading level.  The student should read the book with an adult and practice sight words.  After reading the book the adult should sign the log indicating that the student has read it.  Do not write the name of any other book that was read on the reading log.  This log is only for books given to the student in the reading bag.  When the reading log is full (which means ten different books were read and signed) the student will receive a prize from the treasure box and a sticker will be put on our reading chart.  

    Reading Contest

    There will be a reading contest throughout the school year for reading the most books.  This contest is based on reading the books in the reading bag and completing the reading logs.  Every time the reading log is completed a sticker is placed on the reading chart.  The student with the most stickers at the end of the year is our contest winner.  Awards and prizes will be given out at the End of Year Awards Assembly.  Please encourage and support your child with this.  Reading books on the appropriate reading level is very important for reading success!

    Looking forward to a wonderful year!

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Angela Deskins
    Reading Specialist K-5