• Welcome back culinary arts students to the 2019-2020 school year.  Our program offers you the opportunity to express your creativity while learing the basic fundamentals of food safety, sanitation, food preparation, and restaurant management.  Here at the Wigwam we offer you the opportunity to gain hands on experience by training in a real restaurant atmosphere during our school year.  Southampton Tech Center offers three different classes in the culinary arts including Basic Catering, Culinary Arts 1, and Culinary Arts 2. 

    Basic catering is a one semester class in which you learn the basics of sanitation, food safety, and food preparation.  Many catering students often participate in catered functions to gain real on the job experience. 

    Culinary Arts 1 is a year long class for juniors in which you earn your Virginia Food Handlers Card in the first quarter of the school year.  This card is essential to anyone in Virginia who works in a restaurant and may handle food.  This is a valuable asset to any student who wishes to gain an entry level job in foodservice.  This program is focused on the Front of House operations of a restaurant.  At the end of the school year Culinary Arts 1 students take a Prostart Level One test to earn an industry recognized certification. 

    Culinary Arts 2 is also a year long class for seniors in which is focused on the Back of House operations.  Some elements that are studied include cost control, restaurant management, and overseeing all back of house operations during a restaurant operating.  At the end of the school year Culinary Arts 2 students take a Prostart Level Two test to earn an industry certification.  This program offers many scholorships.