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  • Classroom Behavior Plan

    (School wide whole brain teaching rules)

    RulesI base my behavior plan on 5 basic rules.

    Rule 1  Follow directions quickly.

    Rule 2  Raise hand for permission to speak.

    Rule 3  Raise hand for permission to leave your seat.

    Rule 4  Make smart choices.

    Rule 5  Keep your dear teacher happy.

    Rule 6 (Diamond Rule) Keep your eyes on the target.

    Rewards: Stickers, praise, treats

    Consequences: (Stoplight) 

    All children will start his/her clothespin on blue light.  If the student displays behavior above and beyond then the clothespin is moved above to purple.  The first time a student chooses to break a rule he/she will be reminded of the rules in our classroom.  The second time the rules are broken, a warning is given.  I am leniant while the rules are being established.  The third time the student will be reminded of the rule that was broken and his/her clothespin is moved to green light.  If the behavior does not improve, it will result in the clothespin moving to yellow light and finally red light.  Then a note will be written home.