• Welcome to Pre-Algebra 7

  • Math Binder


    • You will need a 2 inch, 3-ring binder for this class.
    • You will need to have the binder for class everyday.
    • All study guides, homework sheets, and graded papers will be stored in the binder behind the appropriate tab.


    • You need four tab dividers labeled as shown below:


    Math Tabs



    Your child will receive a study guide for each objective that we cover.  THESE ARE VERY IMPORTANT and NEED TO REVIEW NIGHTLY.  This is an excellent way for you to see exactly what we are covering in class along with sample problems.  You will find Study Guides behind tab A in their notebooks. 

    Homework Sheets


    • Students will receive a homework sheet (Mon-Thurs) weekly. A section will be assigned daily and is due at the beginning of class the next day. The student will check their assignment daily and mark the questions wrong with a pen. Students should correct mistakes for half credit.
    • Completed homework sheets are due for a final grade EVERY Friday.


    • Homework sheets turned in late (not due to an excused absence) will have the following number of points deducted from the grade earned:


          --- 1 day – 10 points

          --- 2 days – 20 points

          --- 3 days – 30 points

          ---After 4 days the grade will be 0.


    Graded Work


    Students graded frequently with class work and short quizzes.  Prior notice for other quizzes and tests are given.  All assignments documented in their agenda book.   


    Classroom Rules/Expectations


    1. Students will come to class with a positive attitude and a good work ethic.
    2. When students enter the classroom, they are to take out supplies listed & begin DO NOW/WARM-UP. 
    3. Students may not leave the classroom the first 20 minutes of class. Afterwards, only one person allowed out of class at a time.
    4. Students will be respectful of each other and school property.
    5. Students will take ownership of their choices.
    6. Students will listen and follow directions at all times.
    7. Students will raise their hand before speaking.
    8. Students dismissed by the teacher when the bell rings.



    Consequences for not following rules or expectations will consist of, but not limited to, verbal warnings, teacher/student conferences, parent contact/conferences, detention, and referrals to administration.


    Policies and Procedures

    • Absent- If you are absent from school, it is YOUR responsibility to get all missed materials and assignments.
    • All materials and supplies must be on your desk before class begins.
    • Throw all trash away at the end of class.
    • If you need to go to the restroom, raise your hand and be acknowledged before filling out pass with name, location, and time.  
    • SMS will be implementing the PBIS system.  Students will be learning more about this throughout school year.


    Student/Parent to Teacher Protocol

    The teacher is the closest to the question or concern and is most able to resolve it quickly and effectively. To ensure the success of our students, we recommend that the following steps when a question or concern arises:

    1. Student should first go to the teacher with their questions, concerns, or comments.
    2. Parents should go to the teacher with their questions, concerns, or comments.
    3. If questions or concerns continue, parent should set up meeting with teacher along with student for meeting to discuss concerns. 
    4. If concerns are still not addressed the teacher, parent, student and Assist/Principal will set up meeting to address questions or concerns.



     Please make sure your child reviews the current material nightly. It is very important that your child keep up with his/her binder, because it essentially takes the place of a textbook and we will refer to it all year long.


    Grading Policy

    Checkpoints/Quizzes ………………….. 30%

    Tests/Formal Assessments ………….. 30%

    Classwork …………………………………. 25%

    Projects/Hands on.……………………… 10%

    Homework …………………………………..5%


    Grading Scale

    A (100 - 90)

    B (89 – 80)

    C (79 – 70)

    D (69 – 60)

    F (59 – below)

    Supplies for Success


    You will need the following supplies every day:


    • A good work ethic ready to learn
    • Math Binder (2 inch)
    • 4 Tab Dividers
    • TI-30XA Scientific Calculator (black one & need daily)
    • Sharpened #2 pencils (no mechanical ones!)
    • Notebook paper
    • Agenda 
    • Erasers
    • Colored Pencils/Scissors/Glue Sticks


    *please replenish supplies when needed




    Study Island- go thru Clever account

    Jefferson Lab



    Syllabus may be subject to change anytime throughout the school year.