•          Welcome to Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten Classroom


         You can find all of the Kindergarten SOL's on our website: www.southampton.k12.va.us  Click on Schools, then Capron, then Faculty & Staff, then Kindergarten, then Connie Johnson. Next, follow the prompts as directed. 

           Please read to your child every night at home. This will be the only homework requirement.  Please fill in the daily reading log each night indicating the book you read to your child and approximately the number of minutes read aloud.  Reading to your child increases his/her listerning skills, comprehension and vocabulary.  Discuss the story with your child and ask questions as well such as who the characters are in the story, where it takes place, and what do they think will happen next (before turning the page).  It helps with reading comprehension skills and your child can help identify sight words that we will be learning each week in our classroom.  Please make a set of flash cards (index cards work great) with a list of sight words to help your child practice reading every night.  

         It is important for you to check your child's folder daily for important notes and information.  I am available if you have any questions or concerns throughout the year.  I can be reached at 434-658-4348.  My email is conniej@southampton.k12.va.us

             Thank you for your support as we continue to strive for excellence.