• Supply List

    (all classes)

    Sketchbook:  Must be at 8 1/2” x 11” or 9”x12”, wire-bound or hardcover, with white, unlined pages. Wal-Mart carries inexpensive (around $4) wire-bound sketchbooks in the home office section and more expensive sketchbooks in the craft section.  Craft stores like Michael’s have a wide variety of sketchbooks, and bookstores like Barnes and Noble sometimes have hardcover sketchbooks on sale for around $5.00.  If you cannot find a wire-bound or hardcover sketchbook, you may also use a three-ring binder filled with white printer paper.  Tape-bound sketchbooks are not acceptable.

    Eraser:  Any eraser will do, but gum erasers work best if you can find them.  Wal-mart carries gum erasers in their arts and crafts section and their home office section.

    Pencils:  At least two #2 pencils, your choice.  If you choose to use mechanical pencils, you are responsible for your own graphite.  I do not keep any in class.

    Ruler: Your choice of style.

    Markers or colored pencils:  These are not required in class, but students should have a set so that they can add color to any work completed at home.  Do not bring permanent markers to school.