• Science- Grade 6 Syllabus
     Mrs. Chelsey Bicknell
    2014-2015 School Year

    About me:

    Welcome to our 6th Grade Science Class! I am really looking forward to teaching all of you this year! Now, please allow me to introduce myself!  My name is Chelsey Bicknell. I have been married for a year and have two dogs named Hokie and Aggie. I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Science.

    This year will be quite different for all of you, your classes will be a bit more challenging and your work load will be a bit heavier.  However, you are not to worry!  We will get through all of the necessary SOLs and still have a lot of fun, as well!


    Our science objectives are based on the Standards of Learning from the State of Virginia. They will include the following topics:

    *   Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic   

    *   Force, Motion, and Energy

    *   Matter

    *   Life Processes

    *   Living Systems

    *   Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems

    *   Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change

    *   Earth Resources
    Class Expectations:
    1. Follow the teacher's directions at all times.
    2. Treat each class member and his/her property with respect.
    3. Stay in your seat or at your work area unless directed otherwise.
    4. Be on time and ready to work.

    Preparedness Policies:

    Students are expected to arrive and be ready to begin class when the tardy bell rings. Students should have the requested materials and assignments for class. When class expectations and preparedness are not followed, the following consequences will apply: 

    1. First Offense: Verbal Warning
    2. Second Offense: Parents/Guardian Contact
    3. Third Offense: Team Meeting with Parent and Student
    4. Fourth Offense: Refer to Administration

    Students are expected to read and follow the guidelines in the Southampton Middle School Handbook. Certain behaviors and actions will result in immediate referral to administration.



      Grading Scale

          A 100-93
          B 92-85
          C 84-77
          D 76-70
          F   69 below

    Grading Distribution

    Class Work . . . . .  35%
    Quizzes . . . . . . . . 25%
    Tests . . . . . .. . . .  30%
    Homework . . . . . 10%

    Supply List:

    1 ½-2 inch 3 Ring Binder

    Tab Dividers

    Loose Leaf Paper

    No.2 Lead Pencils

    Colored Pencils

    4 assorted color highlighters

    4 glue sticks

    1 pair of scissors

    3x5 Index Cards



    Science 6     Verification Sheet

    By signing below, I am verifying that I have read and reviewed the following materials for the 6th grade science course taken during the 2014-2015 school year:

    ·      Course Syllabus

    ·      Course Objectives

    ·      Supply List

    Students should keep the syllabus in their notebooks for future reference.


    Print Student’s Name _______________________________         

    Date _____________________

    Student’s Signature ________________________________



    Parent or Guardian’s Information:


    Print Parent’s Name _______________________________            

    Date _____________________

    Parent’s Signature ________________________________


    If your child does a super job, or could use and extra reminder to complete their assignments how would you like me to contact you?  Please fill in any means that you would like me to use and number them in order of which means would reach you the quickest or be the most convenient for you:


    ________   I have reliable internet at my house and would not mind if my child was assigned homework on the computer.

    ________ I do not live in an area with reliable internet and homework on the computer would be a hardship.



    Means of Communication You would Prefer that I Use: 

    Please number them in order of which means would reach you the quickest or be the most convenient for you.

    Home Phone Number:



    Cell Phone Number:



    Work Phone Number:



    E-mail Address:




    ___________ Often I send out a mass text to let parents know that I have updated grades or that their children have a big test coming up in the near future.  If you would like to be a part of these updates, please mark an “x” on the line. Just be sure to respond to this text in a separate message, so that our conversation will remain private. : )


    I give permission for my child to be photographed. These photographs will only be used for educational records and data.  __________________________________


    Please return this form to Mrs. Bicknell by Friday, September 5, 2014.