• Cosmetology I, II, & III

    Salon / Classroom Rules




    1.     Please keep all food and drinks out of classroom and salon.  (Refer to school handbook).

    2.     Students and Mrs.Yeary will treat each other with respect at all times. Refusal to show respect will result in a discipline plan intervention.

    3.     Students will be obligated to do any assignment Mrs.Yeary gives.  If a student refuses a client, that is showing disrespect and will result in a discipline intervention. Excuses such as I do not feel good or I do not know how to do it are unacceptable. If you are sick, you may go to the nurse. If you do not know how to do something, it is ok! That is why you are in this class and school to learn how. We will learn together.

    4.     Students may get their hair, nails, ECT. Done however, Remember this is a privilege, please get Mrs.Yeary’s permission, all make-up work must already be completed first, and you must not have any discipline issues for that month.

    5.     We will all observe total silence when the phone rings or any announcements are being made.  Students will answer the phone in a professional manner. This is part of your education.

    6.     Theory will be held on Monday and Tuesday. Salon days are Thursday, and Friday (Wednesday may be used as a salon or theory day). If there are, any changes to this schedule Mrs. Yeary will notify the students in advance so it is VERY IMPORTANT YOU AND YOUR PARENTS JOIN REMIND, OR GO TO THE COSMETOLOGY WEBSITE OR CONTACT ME ANYTIME. Students please be on time and prepared for class or salon not being prepared and on time results in a tardy. Three tardies = 1 absent. On theory days, students should be in their seat and have their textbook, and notebook ready before tardy bell rings or the student will be considered tardy. Salon days the student will have their Smock on 3 minutes after tardy bell rings. If not the student will be considered tardy.

    7.     A. After tardy rings students will do a bell ringer. It will be posted on the board.

    B. Students will answer in their opinion the anticipatory set

    C.  All students must sign in on their time sheets! This will be how we       can calculate your hours at the end of every year. You must have 840 hours before you can take the state board exam. (Refer to the rules & regulations of Cosmetology and Barbers February 2017.)

    D.   3 minutes after the tardy bell rings the locker room is off limits, unless you get permission. You will be assigned a locker however; it is the student’s responsibility to purchase a combination lock.

    8.     You may not enter Mrs. Yearys office unless you have permission or she is in her office.

    9.     The computer is off limits unless permission is given.

    10.Dress code for male and females is as follows: Apron or Smock and White or Black LEATHER ENCLOSED SHOES ONLY. (Refer to OSHA LAWS)

    11.Students can receive grades in theory for participation. In addition, written assignments. Students will receive grades on some salon days NOT EVERY SALON DAY. Parents/students if you feel extra instruction is needed please let me know! I will make myself available after school; however, Parents need to provide transportation home for their child. I will not stay back any longer than 5:00 P.M.

    12.Stealing is unacceptable; Discipline action will be taken by the office. Salon products are for in school use only, they cannot to be taken home to use.

    13.The school does not allow students to take home equipment (blow dryers, curling irons, etc.).You may not bring any equipment to school to use. All equipment used in the salon must be purchased by the school and be OSHA approved. See the new Virginia State Rules February 1, 2017.

    14.When students are at competition all school rules will apply, also the rules of the competition will apply. Parents are responsible to pick your child up after competition. They must sign them out with Mrs. Yeary if they leave from the competition. Parents only unless you arranged with the office NOT MRS.YEARY. EX: NO BOYFRIEND OR GIRFRIEND MAY SIGN OUT A STUDENT! Even with a parents’ permission.

    15.Students must bring in a paying client for the 1st semester Mid-term Exam and 2nd semester Mid-term Exam.  Parents please help your student set this up.

    16.The Cosmetology Department is part of the SkillsUSA Club. It is $20.00 to join. You must be a member in order to compete in competitions. SkillsUSA is co-curricular. It is extremely important for all students to join and participate in SkillsUSA.

    17.Parents are encouraged to come to Parent/Teacher conferences and keep in touch with Mrs. Yeary with any concerns anytime. Please visit my website! Feel free to print pictures and check out the cosmetology calendar for the month.

    18.Together as a team PARENTS, STUDENTS AND MRS. YEARY YOUR STUDENTS WILL EXCEL! It will take us all to encourage and help each of you students.

    19.PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! JOIN REMIND PARENTS /STUDENTS. The REMIND directions for each class is in your packet. If you need help contact Mrs. Yeary.  Visit our cosmetology website and feel free to print pictures. E-MAIL me any time if you have any concerns. Please do not wait for Parent/Teacher conference.


    20. CELL PHONES are not permitted to use in school while class is being conducted.  (REFER TO YOUR HANDBOOK) Parents and Students this is a huge issue. Please do not put me in the position to take your phone. You all know the rule! Parents review this with your student. Also, re-visit the drinking and eating in class policy. (refer to the school handbook)



    Rita Yeary