• Cosmetology III

    Course Syllabus/Pacing Guide


    Rita Yeary                 ryeary@southampton.k12.va.us                     (757) 653-2751


    Review and recapitulation of previously learned material: The students will be able to identify classroom rules and regulations, recognize and define Cosmetology II and I terms, and demonstrate their ability to successfully perform Cosmetology II and I skills with speed and accuracy.


    Students must pass all chapter tests with a 75 or better and a comprehensive test with a 75 or better in order for the school to pay the $185.00 dollars for them to take their state board exam. In the event that the student does meet the above requirements the students may still take the Virginia State Board exam at their expense. (per:VA. STATE BOARD) All Students must have 840 hours in order to take the exam. Enclosed white or black shoes are required in order to be in the salon (per: OSHA LAWS) A smock or apron is required when in the salon.


    1st   NINE WEEKS: 


     Orientation: (Week 1)

    ·         Hand out course syllabus/outline and review for understanding.

    ·         Review class room procedures/rules and expectations.

    ·         Explain on-line testing to students and the importance of practicing on each chapter.

    ·         Review computer usage and regulations only for cosmetology.

    ·         Explain my procedure of receiving and signing for progress checks.

    ·         Explain in detail all projects/competitions and my expectations for both.

    ·         Explain the importance of completing all homework as it’s related to preparing students for written/practical test.

    ·       Students will read the anticipatory set/warm up the beginning of class.


    Chapter 4: Communicating for Success (Week 2)

    ·         Communication Basics

    ·         The Client Consultation

    ·         Special Issues in Communication

    ·         In-Salon Communication

    Chapter 5: Infection Control: Principles and Practice (Week 4&5)

    ·         Bacteria

    ·         Viruses

    ·         How Pathogens Enter the Body 

    ·         Parasites

    ·         Immunity

    ·         Principles of Prevention

    ·         Universal Precautions

    ·         The Professional Image

    Chapter 16: Hair Cutting (WEEK 6 & 7)

    ·         Basic Principles of Hair cutting

    • Client Consultation
    • Tools, Body Position, and Safety
    • Basic Haircuts
    • Cutting Curly Hair
    • Other Cutting Techniques
    • Clippers, edger’s, and Trimmers

    Chapter 20: Chemical Texture Services (WEEK 8)


    • The Structure of Hair

    ·         The Client Consultation

    • Permanent Waving
    • Permanent Waving Procedures
    • Chemical Relaxers

    ·         Chemical Relaxer procedures

    • Soft Curl Permanents(curl re-forming)

    Chapter 21:  Hair Coloring (WEEK: 9)

                Salon Menu of Services

    ·          Hair coloring Safety Precautions

    ·          Why people color their hair

    ·          Color theory

    ·          The level system

    ·          Hair color application procedures

    ·          Lightening techniques

     Special effects hair coloring

    ·          Corrective coloring 

    ·         Foiling                

    ·         Consultation


    2ndNINE WEEKS:


    Chapter 6:  Anatomy and Physiology   (Week: 1,2,&3)      

    ·         Why study Anatomy

    ·         Cells

    ·         Tissues

    ·         Organs

    ·         Body Systems

    ·         The Skeletal System

    ·         The Muscular System

    ·         The Nervous System

    ·         The Circulatory System

    ·         The Endocrine System

    ·         The Digestive System

    ·         The Excretory System

    ·         The Respiratory System

    ·         The Integumentary System 


    ·         Chapter 7:  Skin structure Growth and Nutrition  (Week:4,5,&6)

    ·         the structure and composition of the skin

    ·          Disorders of the Skin

    ·          Maintaining the Health of the Skin                                                                             List the functions of the skin


     Chapter 8:  Skin Diseases and Disorders (WEEK: 7, 8, &9)

    ·        Explain the aging process

    ·         What is the difference between diseases and disorders?

    ·        Students will learn what diseases and disorders to treat in a salon.                                                                       Students will learn which diseases and disorders to be referred to a doctor.


    3rd NINE WEEKS:


    Chapter 30:  Seeking Employment   (Week: 1, 2, & 3)

    ·         How to do a resume.

    ·         Preparing for employment

    ·         Procedure to filling out job application

    ·         Complete an effective employment interview

    ·          How to look and dress for an interview.


    Chapter 31:  On the Job   (Week: 4, 5, &6)


    ·         Tips that help a new employee succeed

    ·         Know your job description

    ·         Effective ways to build a client base

    ·           Always look and dress professional

    ·          Create a personal budget





    Chapter 32:  The Salon Business (Week: 7, 8, &9)


    ·         Going into Business for Yourself

    ·         Operating a Successful Salon

    ·         Selling In the Salon

    ·            Demonstrate good salon telephone techniques

    ·             Know effective forms of salon advertising

    ·            Keeping accurate business records


     4thNine Weeks:


    Review the Virginia State Boardrules and regulations February 2017 issue.

    ·        Successfully complete a State Board application.

    ·        Stock a kit adequate for State Board Practical Exam

    ·        Prepare a Blood Spill Procedure Hazardous 

    ·        Perform a Blood Spill procedure

    ·         Select the appropriate attire for the State Board Exam

    ·        Successfully pass a State Board compatible written final Exam

    ·        Successfully pass a State Board compatible practical final exam

    ·        Secure a date and time to take the State Board ofCosmetology exam

    ·        Students are to practice the practical state board TIMED exam

    ·         Prepare client for service

    ·        Students will demonstrate thermal curling

    ·        Students will demonstrate chemical waving

    ·        Students will demonstrate hair lightning and coloring

    ·        Students will .Demonstrate chemical relaxing

    ·        Students will. Demonstrate haircutting

    ·        Students will be given written test on the whole book

    ·        Students will take the Virginia State Board


    The student will be responsible for textbook and answer questions for each chapter, daily participation, performing hair skills on patrons, completing a salon project, successfully passing salon/clinic and written tests, completing application for State Board Exam as well as demonstrate their advanced and creative skills on their classmates.